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Syria next

Mid-April, 2003

So far (as of November 2009,) the U.S. has not invaded Syria nor any other country [post-Iraq 2003] on a large-scale basis.

In early 2013, Syria is in a state of civil war apparently ignited by the "Arab Spring" movement that began in Tunisia and ignited in Egypt in January of 2011.

Well, my country's going to Syria next. That's clear.

The U.S. war machine must kill now. There is not even going to be a diplomatic pause in the new global advance. No intermission, no recess, not as much as a bow to the sensitivities of a broader world that may construe this next phase as imperialistic warmongering.

They're not even going to pretend not to be advancing war without end. It hasn't been a half a week since the regime of Baghdad crumbled and the country of Iraq fell into anarchy. The dust hasn't even settled after the main battles ended; sporadic fireplay continues, and will continue. Nobody has a real plan for a postwar Iraq. Nobody could. The water hasn't even been turned back on yet.

And now Syria.

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