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"Do you understand this?"

The bilingual talking slowly upon request — too slowly

Sometimes while trying to help, the bilingual will talk so slowly that it's hard to follow.

Or, maybe the problem is not the slowness but the fact it's not in a normal rhythm. It's slow enough that you should be able to understand; but not natural in a way that makes it easier. This creates a disparity in timeframe and a distortion wherein you don't seem to be able to comprehend the language at all, even though you can.

Those who don't speak English at all talk like normal people. You can ask them to slow down, at least, if it's necessary. But the bilingual? Assholes.

And what can you do? If you ask them to speak more quickly, they'll speak at normal speed until they can switch to English. And how do you ask them to speak naturally but slowly enough to understand?