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"The Truth"

The origin of the church that always was

Willie Jamieson, an icon of the podium in the Northwest United States of the 1970's, sat with Irvine for a photo. Jamieson preached a "one true religion" sermon, implicitly thereby helping to deny the existence of Irvine.

The small church called "the Truth" lost its history some time during the early 20th century, quickly after it was founded.

One might speculate that members explicitly disregarded its history for at least a brief period, and then actively forgot it — eventually not teaching their kids about it and raising people who believed.

In the late part of the 20th century, "The Truth" was the one true way, a nameless Biblical church that had always been. It was the church that Jesus established, as told in the Bible.

William Irvine, a Scotsman, originated The Truth in Northern Ireland around 1897. He believed he'd revived the original "Way."

After a few years, Irvine fell out of favor with members. He had developed a grander delusion, and probably had a sexual relationship with a woman. Whichever was worse and whatever the cause, William Irvine became persona non grata.

Without discussion of its founder, the church developed a mythology about its divine beginning.