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The Irish protest Bush

President Bush has the distinction of being the only person ever protested by the Irish.

The Irish nation, friendlier to Americans than probably any other nation, nonetheless showed their feelings against Friday's visit by President George W. Bush.

No—that does not quite express the superlativeness of this event.

The Irish people, who generally do not protest, have shown Mr. Bush a cold, hard boot. They don't want him on their island.

Mr. Ahern and all his corrupt governmental types, well, they just have to kiss G.W. Bush's ass. But if there's one thing that the normal Paddy Irishman is not too good at, it's kissing too much ass.

The Irish may not stand up and protest often enough; but they don't want George W. Bush.*

—Saturday, 26 June, 2004
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
* A poll found that 65% of the Irish didn't want Bush on the Island.