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"The Kilkenny People" newspaper

Southeast Ireland, 2002 —

The Kilkenny People is the local newspaper. It comes out on Wednesdays and costs a whopping 1.20; more than the Irish Times, as much as the International Herald Tribune.

Its redeeming feature for me is that it posts local classified ads. Well, it's a quaint paper, too, and worth a look.

It's got news in it, alright, and news that would be important to some. Controversy about a large Dublin-Wexford road coming through the area. Some talk about the city counsel. There was an armed robbery last week. That's notable. Somebody with a marked Dublin accent.
My favorite news story:

Walked into dustbin and a lamppost

A young man was so drunk that he walked into a dustbin, Kilkenny Court was told.

Gda. (Garda, or police officer) John Carroll recalled seeing M_ K_ of Adbawn, Tullaroan, walk out onto the road in Rose Inn Street at 4:05 a.m. on April 6. He was extremely drunk. 'He walked into a dustbin and then he actually walked into a lamppost,' said the garda.... K_ admitted being so drunk that he might endanger himself or others.

  — May, 2002