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"The Truth," a small modern Christian religion presumed eternal, original, and uniquely true

An itinerant Scottish Christian preacher named William Irvine started a church in Ireland at the end of the 19th century which by the mid-20th had become (in the minds of its adherents) the one true religion.

Church member ejected Irvine in the second decade of his church's existence, and the absence of its founder probably helped facilitate the idea that this is the original church.

One cannot know how much one's granpdarents knew about William Irvine or the real history of the organization. The only certainties are that nobody talked about him and that everybody behaved as if the church had always been.

The one true church

The Catholics had been the first to go wrong....


You marry within...

Didn't have a name

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The Beginning

A modern religion that lost its written history...

"The Truth" and reality

I grew up believing that this was the one true faith....

Without origin

This "way" had always existed....