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Time with her

I think I'm going to start writing....

— 29 July, 2008

I just want to spend time with her, and there seem to be no end of motherfuckers wanting to impede us from being alone together.

True, most of it's accidental — and ignorant, though, by the way. Exasperating, for sure.

Yesterday it was S_. He tagged along, furrowing his brow and following us even into some places where we were trying to find work for her. He had no end of suggestions.

The day before, it was C_. "Did you find anything" his wide-eyed inquisition, after every effort.


And SA_, asking questions of her, and suspecting me of wanting to spend time alone with her.

Yes. Yes, I do just want to spend time alone with V_.

And, yes, I would like to help her find a job. This evening, it was C_, suggesting (as if he's been thinking about this) that I just want to spend time with her, and suspecting that I secretly don't want her to get a job just yet because this is my excuse to see her.


I can see that I'm going to have to set some people straight about this.

N_, even, a few weeks ago (since completely nulified on my good-sense radar screen,) trying some diffuse, blury concept of why I ought not be interested in V_.


Tomorrow, (I said to V_ today) I am going to tell anybody who wants to come with us jobseeking that I would like to be alone with V_.

It's only fuckin right:

• 1.) I don't enjoy a surfeit of human company.
• 2.) There need not be three people on the quest (though a second is necessary to help with language) — and, indeed, a third is dead weight, a burden on the process.
• 3.) And, yes, I would like to spend some time alone with V_.

For fuck's sake. Do I have to explicate every intent so that you can all resolve your suspicions about my motives? Get the fuck out of here.

— 29 July, 2008, Kilkenny Ireland