Bebsi / Mike_2008 ,

I'd like to move to Romania for a while, and I'd like to be able to teach private English lessons in Cluj-Napoca.

I've noted your posts at ESLcafe (as I have those of Mike_2008 / Bebsi ,) and I may have occasion to ask you about some of the basic possibilities in-country.

I think I'm familiar with most of the principle challenges — wages, for example; or the university degree in English that I didn't get....


Which could also propose a few advantages, I think....

But I diverge, I digress. I'm starting to think about really pursuing this idea, Transilvania primavara 2009.

I'm introducing myself because I might like to ask yourself and (Bebsi / Mike_2008 ) a few simple questions about the business of teaching English in Romania.


p.s. I'm going to see how much of the Romanian language will fit into my head.