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Leaving Dublin, 2011

To Dublin, Ireland

June 2001 —

I flew from Seville, Spain. I'd been there since Christmas Eve.

I had 5000 pesetas when I got to Dublin airport. My brother Jeff had suggested I borrow $250 from him, which he would be able to send on the 21st. So I had five days to make it with 5000 ptas.

I changed my pesetas at the airport, and got about £21.

I spent £3.50 to ride the municipal bus to downtown.

I didn't find the hostel where I'd reserved a bed. I had forgotten to write down the specific address. Travelers take note.

I was in Mountjoy Square. I asked around a bit, couldn't find it, but on the direction of a passerby I found a street where there are several hostels. I found City Manor, on Gardiner Street, and paid £10 for a bed.

It was quite a bed, fully 3 inches higher on the right side than on the left. Quite a hostel.

The next day, I set out to find a hostel where I could exchange some work for a place to stay. I did not know the likelihood of this, but that's what I had to do.

Midafternoon, I passed by Cobblestones, at 29 Eustace Street in the Temple Bar area. There I met Christie, the manager. At first, she said that she didn't have any work that I could do. But she hesitated.... I could wash windows....

And I did. For several days I washed windows for a few hours. I made enough money for a bed and some food.

When the work was done, Christie let me stay until the money came in from Jeff on Western Union.

Then, since I had enough money to visit a cybercafe and print some résumés, I began to look for a job.