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I tried to hide weed in Amsterdam

NL, 2000 —

One time I tried to hide a marijuana joint in Amsterdam.

I was trying to put it away from myself, ritualistically. It's no indication of the depravity to which I sank in weed-rich Amsterdam. I come from the Pacific Northwest. And besides that, it's the oldest trick in the book. I think any smoker knows of it.

I sealed a pure-weed joint, American style, into a nice little bicycle-tube repair-kit tin. I sealed the tin with candle-wax. I figured that I could put this little, watertight package just about anywhere, and it would keep that nice little smoothly-rolled pure-weed joint in good condition until the time I felt right about smoking it.

But I couldn't find anywhere to hide it.

I looked under and around bridges, at the library, in the parks.... I guess I could have dug under the rose bushes in Vondelpark, but that wasn't right. Of course... what am I thinking?

There is no place in Amsterdam to stash even a small package. There is simply no unplanned room, no place unaccounted — not even of the smallest size. Not a hiding place for a single joint. Try it.

Of course, I smoked it, in a completely unritualistic manner — in the old style.