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Doesn't understand

He sat across from me, and he told Valentina's brother, in Romanian, that Steve does not really understand Romanian; that he's only listening to clues and context and that he tries to act like he understands.

I was pretty sure that's what he'd said, and I told him, in English, at the time, "you're a fucking idiot. Do you understand that?"

I calmed down, and, of course, felt a bit guilty for my outburst.

Later, though, I remembered, when I was at home alone, and then I felt I needed to call him.

I told him that it's a small problem, but a problem, and that I am trying hard to learn the language.... I said nothing about my ire that he'd insulted me in front of the girl I liked

He played it down. He said, even, "I don't care." I let that pass, only wanting to express the fact that I was displeased about the way he'd discounted my efforts to learn their language. I was trying to be magnanimous, I guess, or peaceful anyhow; and in any case I couldn't be sure at the time exactly what he meant by that comment (and after all this is not his native language.) But his phrase returns to mind, now.

The brainless prick.

I'm going to get him phased out of my life as quickly as I possibly can without pissing him off any more than I have to.