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The Netherlands

Watching a few airplanes

Osdorp, western metropolitan Amsterdam, The Netherlands —

• 14 December, 2000, looking toward Schiphol Airport from an apartment on Baden-Powellweg — Dennis and I were sitting and watching planes while talking.

"Another strange thing" he told me....

Earlier, he'd seen what looked like a small rocket fired in the night. Sraight up.

This evening, he'd seen, at dusk, a dark-colored plane with only one red tail light. He said it had been a big airplane, a large jetliner, and it had looked as if it were completely black.

While he was telling me this, we noticed a white 747 coming in. But all white.

And it became more remarkable the more we watched, because it really was white. No markings, only a few windows (or markings?) near the front.

I saw it take off, a couple of hours later.

— 14 Dec 2000