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Journal, March 2005

Gotta start somewhere

I have to confront the need for some kind of weblog, as they call it nowadays. Chronological from the bottom up.
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Accidental release of genetically-modified crops.

How stupid do we have to be?

We had to wait for the study to come in on this one.

That's how stupid we are. Ignorant.

— 29 March 2005, Kilkenny

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I wrote a page about a visit to a pub in Tralee, Ireland with a fellow traveler in the Summer of 2003.

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I did an experimental sort of excerpting from a (physical) notebook, the small scrappy sort in which I write randomly.

— 25 March

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Uploaded a cycle of files about the woman whom I didn't assault when she kept a lighter in a nightclub in Kilkenny, around this time three years ago.

— 22 March 2005, Kilkenny

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Aaagh! Terry Schiavo. A hundred-thousand Iraquis died in the 2003 invasion, and nobody gives a shit.

— 21 March 2005

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From my guestbook, signed "English Teacher:"

"How typically American that you have the gall to refer to English as European English, and your own bastardised version as US English. It is simply English. The official and correct English of the British Isle is commonly referred to as the Queens English."

In Ireland, the Queen is commonly refered to as "that old bitch."

— 21 March 2005, Kilkenny

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The manager asked me to leave Kyteler's last night, because he remembered me from the two weeks I'd worked there in 2002.

— 20 March, 2005

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I finished the mediocre but readable "Some Time With Feynman."
© 2003 Leonard Mlodinow

— 19 March 2003

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It's March 18, 2005. I woke this morning at about ten o'clock to the 'phone ringing. It was a fellow from Moore Enterprises. I'd sent a c.v. (résumé,) and now he calls me. Sorry for calling so early in the morning. Which is funny ten in the morning sorry so early. But now that he mentioned it, why the day after St. Paddy's day, at any time....

I put Bill Bryson's book down today, the frustrating "A Short History of Almost Everything." I got a library card here in Kilkenny. I have other books to read now, and finally admitted my exasperation with Bryson.