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What is it that makes a person want to be a cop?

United States, 20th-21st century CE —

• In the late 80's a plainclothes lady cop asked myself and a friend if we knew where to get any "buds or hits." I had some acid on me, and no money. I went to jail for a weekend and lived for several months under threat of a ten-year sentence.

• In the early 80's I ran a stop-sign on my bike, got a ticket for not having a light, failed to appear, and cops came to get me at midnight.

• In the summer of 2012, I was going home one evening — again on a bike — and went a brief stint up the wrong side of the street. There was a cop. Lights on. I kept going, up the bike lane that I'd been heading toward. Cop circles back, gets out of his car, and pushes me off my bike. Then he let me go.