why do we need grammar? Why can't we just say what we mean? Why do we have to conjugate verbs? Why can't we just say what/who we're talking about, and leave it at that? Stick the verb on there, and be done with it.

At least the Spanish have it "half-right," in my opinion. The Spanish verb includes the information about whether first-, second-, third/third plural-person, etc. So you don't need two words to say "I talk," for example. You can just say "hablo." But Spanish verbs get complicated, because they are variable over several time-periods and moods and... it's complicated.

English has another good idea... almost. In the case of regular English verbs, we barely conjugate. Consider: you talk, I talk, we talk, he/she/it talks, they talk. [it's sad that we have no "you plural."] But look at that. There's only one variation. It works, too, because nobody's confused about what the verb is, and who/what does it. It is unfortunate that we have to conjugate at all; my point.

I'm just trying to make trouble. I'm just a little pissed off. Maybe if William Safire--that hack--wasn't such a goose-stepping ally of the American right. A shill. A dancing monkey. It's pathetic. That pisses me off a little bit, maybe.