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More than two years


Cork, Ireland, late 2009 —

In October of 2010, having returned to Kilkenny in September, I encountered a teen lad who had harrassed me for two years, behind my back, from the safety of a group.

Some say "write what you know," and one fact I know about Kilkenny is the rage that I feel when I think about the trouble I had with some of the teenage boys there.

Reasonable people say "they're only kids." People who don't understand say "they're only kids." The cops say "they're only kids." people who don't want to think about it say "they're only kids." Certainly their parents agree — the parents who failed, and surely know it. The kids themselves: "sure we're only kids."

But six months out of town, I feel a hateful anger that is not going away — and, in fact, as I find a bit of peace, I also find that my rage is growing.

There's one kid in particular who emblemizes a whole class of hateful, ignorant teens — mainly because he did the most to propagate the campaign of abusiveness, but also because he just won't stop. I was in Kilkenny at Christmastime 2009, and he pushed one of his friends into me as I passed. I have to do something. I don't know what to do.

And it fills me with rage.