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Portrait of the artist out standing in his field

Writing can be lonely.

I know people who make visual art; others who sculpt; still others who play music — all of whom are creative as an activity of personal expression.

Some of the work of my friends can be unsettling or even disturbing — but, still, they are able to share the product of their creativity with friends and family.

Writing is different — at least, it seems to be.

With writing, anybody who knows the artist* personally can only ever filter their experience of the work with two questions: "how does this affect me?" and "what does it say to me about the artist?"

They cannot experience it as I intend it.

It is writing, meant to be enjoyed by reading. Only a stranger can do that.

* The word "artist" is not meant pretentiously. If the reader perceives it as such, maybe that is evidence of the basic point in question.