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November 2002 —

It's been a kick writing web pages lately, and working on existing ones. The fact that people from about the world have been seeing them has encouraged me greatly. It's real boost lately to see some viewership start to accrue.

Writing in hypertext is fun. It's the ideal form of working when the impulse is that of writing, in its basic form. The drive to write is more important to me than what I write "about." It's a fair question, of course — what I write about. As difficult to explain, I guess, as what a musician plays music "about." It's one that has no general answer; and I think that's fair too.

In hypertext, everything that is connected is potentially in progress. A website can never be finished, I think. It can evolve, and it can grow — so it must.

On good advice lately I've tried to begin to pay more attention to how my pages "work." Broken links, of course, are inexcusable and are the most obvious impediment to good function. I've found, too, some glitches caused by improper in-link characters that can distort a whole page. Case-sensitivity matters, too, in file names. (This is not true on my hard-drive at home, from where I carry files on disk to the cybercafe across the street.)

Ah, some day I'll have internet access at home and work on pages directly in my online file manager. For now, I do what I can. It's not a bad way to work. It's far better than having no computer at all, and working solely in cybercafes, which was my M.O. for a couple of years of slow progress and self-education.


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