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The Bible is not internally consistent

"The book of Joshua... presents several internally inconsistent scenarios..., and it also conflicts with Judges and other books of the Bible...."

  — From a page I found via Google, searching the terms "bible internally inconsistent."

I found this guy while I was looking for somebody writing honestly about the inconsistencies in the Bible. This I did for only one purpose; to find one example of an internal inconsistency. One flaw disproves perfection. [All of this was before I discovered the Skeptic's Annotated Bible.]

This flaw (whichever one I might find, since I knew they existed) was interesting only because it would bring into bright profile that feature of the Bible which is most compelling — that it's not true.

An internal inconsistency is strong evidence. It supercedes translation, it can not depend upon interpretation, and of course it does not require external sources.

Inconsistency within the Bible — a book that many people still believe is perfect — puts the burden upon Bible partisans — and that's where it should be. The "Holy Scriptures" are a scourge on public policy, and adherence to the Bible's teachings has induced serious emotional difficulties in many people.

Internal inconsistency is definitive. You can't say that the Bible is internally inconsistent, but that it's still God's Word. Well, you could, but that would be mad. And that's the case with the guy whom I quoted. He appears to be an avid Bible believer. He also describes a series of incursions by extraterrestrials, the 'UFO wave' in Saskatchewan in 1974.

Which — honestly — is more likely than the truthfulness of the Bible, which disproves its own self.

— Spring 2004, Nijmegen, The Netherlands