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Smelling of drink, pt. II

Comparative drinking

Smelling like drink at work one day in Ireland

Autumn 2002 —

I went to work at Heaton's* one day, having been out all night with friends. I had only gone home a couple of hours earlier.

I signed myself in and went about my job — stocking the gents' department and operating the 3rd cash register when the girls needed me.

I was passing the office when Kevin, the assistant manager, called to me. I went and stood in the doorway. Kevin said "I've been asked to ask you to get some breath mints. You smell like drink."

I'm sure I did, too.

He was friendly about it, and casual, and said nothing more. I think Paddy, a store-room worker, made some smart comment about it later in the day. But that was all. Nobody said anything else, least of all the manager.

I told this to some Irish friends — it didn't raise an eyebrow. It's not a story. I had to explain why I thought it was remarkable.

Hey, I'm American.

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* I worked at Heaton's department store in the Market Cross Shopping Centre in Kilkenny from the Winter to the Autumn of 2002.

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