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26 December, 2004

"The "second day of Christmas" in Holland

Nijmegen —

On 26 December 2004, a massive undersea earthquake off the coast of Indonesia created a tsunami that killed more than a quarter-million people in countries bordering the Indian Ocean.

Well, now I can tell the story, at least. It's over now, finally and definitively.*

K_ has acted ambiguous about me writing about her; I've heard her opinion going both ways. But, well, she's not here now. I don't have anybody else, and I don't have any real way to communicate about this.

Reason to post it on the internet? There to read for people who have no personal interest in the matter?

Too many questions. There are more.

I met K_ in Ireland in the Summer of 2003.

We loved each other right away, brought together by the twists of fate.

We love each other still, though we are apparently not speaking at the moment. She gets as restless as anyone does when I say anything about the character of women in general, but this one is one for the books. But it's always one for the books. I find women cruel and narrow in their way of dealing with men.

K_, yes K_, whom I love very much, seems to be entirely comfortable with discarding the old in favor of the new, no matter that she held on to me until the last possible day. That doesn't bother her.

Now I learn she's in Frankfurt for "a few days."*


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* It was worse than "for a few days," because the sentence in Dutch is ambiguous. "Een paar dagen" can mean "a few," or it can mean specifically "a couple of days." So I didn't know. But I did know that's where her new boyfriend was from, and that she'd gone there for Christmas.

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* K_ followed me to Ireland, in the summer of 2005, and remained a part of my life for a while longer....

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