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"Stevenson believes U.S. President George W. Bush's administration knew full well the war would initially increase support for Al Qaeda. But U.S. officials estimated the long-term impact of setting up a democratic government in Iraq would outweigh the short-term pain of more terror attacks, he said.... "Other experts, however, believe that the U.S., and those European countries that supported the war, badly miscalculated."

— from The Toronto Star, 20 May 2003. ["Stevenson" is Jonathan Stevenson, senior fellow for counter-terrorism at London's International Institute for Strategic Studies.]

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There's a third possibility. That is, that the Bush administration knew that the war would increase support for Al Qaeda. Full stop.

While I don't question Bush's general idiocy, I think he must be given credit for true malevolence. At the least, he's been a willing dupe for people of ill intent. And there seems to be no shortage of those in the current U.S. administration.

Thugs within a crowd at a demonstration need baton-happy riot police, because that's what makes it a riot. Bad cops need the thugs so they can start the beating. Al-Qaeda and the Bush administration need each other.

Or, as from the same article: "'The U.S.-led invasion, at least in the short term, drew more people toward Osama bin Laden's vision of a global clash between Islam and the West,' Stevenson said yesterday."

Christian hawks want that too.
— 24 May 2003