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The American left is ineffective against Bible-loving patriots.

December 2004

Is there any leftist politics anywhere?

I passed by the supposed site of a demonstration against premier Balkenende [of The Netherlands.] Nobody was there....

I'm not speaking out of turn to say that the American left is ineffective.

And it's typical of an American leftist to worry that he might be speaking out of turn.

And that's where we are, isn't it?

The American right is energized, organized, and funded. And, it has all of the major cultural jewels. The American right has stolen the rhetoric and the crown of populism. They have taken the mythos of the American spirit of individuality, and have used it to give rights to institutions. They have emblazoned the presidential seal of approval upon "their" patriotism and Christianity.

Of course, I don't want their patriotism, And as for the Bible, I believe in freedom of the press. But I do miss the idea that populism is humanistic. That is a sad loss.

And what's this? This is great. Science is revealing and compiling some of the most amazing discoveries in history, and the American right-wing is sitting at the head of the table, maintaining ignorance. Playing the responsible adult — an absolute farce.

And the American left is ineffective.

Nijmegen, The Netherlands