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Brave in a group, timid alone

Kilkenny, Ireland —

The kid in the photo harrassed me for about a year-and-a-half, until the winter of 2008.*

Here, one can see that he was trying to pass by me without acknowledging my presence — because he was not with his friends, and I was looking at him.

If he were sitting with a group of his friends, he would be obsessed with my presence. He'd wait until I was just past him, when I could not see him open his gob, and he'd call me "pervert," "perv," or "paedophile."*

This kid is obsessed with sexual deviancy, and he's obsessed with me. I'm probably about his father's age.

He's never had the courage to say anything to my face.


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In the winter of 2008, I warned this kid to stop harrassing me, and then I left it at that. He did so for a while.

I moved to Cork in the summer of 2009.

When I was in Kilkenny at Christmastime 2009, he pushed one of his friends into me as I passed them at the Market Cross Shopping Centre.

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* This is the local spelling of "pedophile." It is the way this kid would spell the word, if he's literate.

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