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Border collie out meeting people

Cork City, early 2010 —

Border collie image from Wikipedia
Image: Wikipedia

I was up at LIDL, a budget supermarket, when I noticed a border collie walking toward the far side of the parking lot, in roughly the opposite direction as myself.

I noticed her because she wasn't walking toward either the pedestrian entrance nor the roadway entrance -- and she looked like she was going somewhere. I just noticed that, without thinking about it, and went shopping.

My shopping took a while, and longer than normal again after checkout because I couldn't really figure out how to get all of the groceries into my backpack for the mile-long trek back home. Also I spilled a bit of grape-juice because I'd opened the box and had then tried to pack it into the cram. I'd had to clean that up ...

Outside, I was replacing the shopping trolley when this little dog walked over beside me and looked up. She clearly wanted my attention. I kneeled and petted her, and spoke to her. She just sat there and enjoyed it, sometimes looking at me as I spoke; but I had to wonder if she was okay.

She looked well-fed and healthy. She could do with a bath, smelling particularly doggy, but she wasn't dirty.

She wore a collar, and on it was a blue anodyzed bone-shaped tag with a telephone number. I started asking people if they had a phone on them. One woman said no but her man did, and when he came out she asked him.

They were suggesting that the dog was probably with somebody who's doing some shopping. I didn't think so, because I'd been there a while.

The guy agreed to make the call, anyhow — but as we tried to stop her and read the number from the tag, she had already started wandering away.

She followed a family nearly to their car. When she came back, she stopped at the guy who had the phone, but only to be petted, and then she went over somewhere else.

We could see that she was fine.

I think she lives in the neighborhood. I think she just likes to be friendly with people, and that she was merely socializing.

I saw her in the same parking lot a couple of weeks later.

I called to her, and she came over. I petted her and I talked to her for a while. I told her she's a good dog, and we went off in opposite directions.