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Bush "treaties"

July 2001 —

Yes, it is true that George W. Bush seems like a dangerous idiot from a European perspective. We generally tend to miss Bill Clinton over here; we* fear the worst and hope for the best of this current administration.

From the New York Times:

ASHINGTON, July 30 — In his first six months in office, President Bush has abandoned a treaty on fighting global warming, rejected protocols enforcing a ban on germ warfare, demanded amendments to an accord on illegal sales of small arms, threatened to skip an international conference on racism and vowed to withdraw from a landmark pact limiting ballistic missile defenses.

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* Re "We:"   I'm American. I made this page during my first month in Ireland, where I stayed in Dublin for a few months before gravitating toward Kilkenny. I'd just come from Seville, where I lived for a half-year, and had been in Amsterdam for about the same amount of time.

It was presumptuous to say "we," or to speak for any group of people, really. But it would have been pretty hard to find many Europeans who were happy to see Bush in office.

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