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Lack of action in New Orleans

The American government's response to the destruction of New Orleans was incompetent.

It may be one of the biggest ironies of the age that such a business-friendly administration is incompetent in a way that would be unacceptable in a business environment.

Perhaps it's not ironic, but only emblematic of profound corruption — crony capitalism, the oldest trick in the marketplace. But clearly, the George W. Bush team is not just corrupt. It is inept.

The performance of the United States government in response to Hurricane Katrina is beyond the comment of any observer.

There's no contempt or outrage that could address the lack of coordinated action.*

The politicking that would naturally follow a failure of command started while the levees were still breached, and while people were still dying for lack of emergency resources.

— October 2005

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* Or "coordinated lack of action...."

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