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CWI, the Dutch national employment agency

Nijmegen, 2004 —

My employer was trying to hire me legally, and CWI needed to approve before I could file papers at the immigration service.

• On Monday, 9 August, Arend received a letter from CWI. It was not completely okay....

A letter to CWI, 11 August 2004 — "...On a few points you are incorrect." ...

Letter from CWI, 17 August 2004. "...According to article 10, a work permit may be given provisionally." ...

To CWI, 22 August 2004 "Thank you for your speedy reaction ... I understand that this (work-permit) is only valid for a half-year; still, I am 'helped out of the fire.' ... I will continue trying to find a(n EEU) job-seeker."

• On Tuesday, 2 September 2004, A packet arrived at the bakery containing a work permit.

• However, the permit was too restrictive, with too many conditions attached. We never used it.