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East side Bend Oregon suburbia

Here on the east side of Bend Oregon, the idea of neighborhood never really caught on. It's suburbia; mostly housing developments built on the principle of supply and demand.

The emblematic feature of the most proximal area is the little roundabout at the end of the laneway that runs in front of this row of houses — really just a turnaround circle to accommodate people who have gone that far in error.

The roundabout is only about ten paces from the most-useful nearby road; but the sidewalk that leads to it does not go to the road. There's no sanctioned path across that stretch of grass.

One is expected to not walk anywhere.

You can go downtown, or to another "acceptable" walking place — but you'll have to drive to get there.

You can "speed-walk." That's normal. That's exercize, and it doesn't look like you're doing something because you have to.

You can hike Pilot Butte. People drive here to do that.

But you're not supposed to just walk somewhere, here in suburbia.