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European prejudice

Ireland, 2001

Europeans are generally quite prejudiced. The Dutch don't like Moroccans. French don't like Turks. Spanish — in Seville, at least — seem to like neither Gypsies nor Moroccans, and black Africans are scarcely seen there. Sometimes it seems like nobody likes the French, and who wants to talk about the Germans?

Somebody said "if it weren't for the Germans, everybody would hate the English."

English, Germans and French are all superior to everybody else and to each other. Somebody said "the French don't hate anybody, because they just think they're better than everybody else."

A young Italian woman I met said "I don't like the Spanish — they're too loud."*

A middle-aged Romanian guy I worked with in Dublin. He said (of a black man) "I'm not prejudiced — I just don't like people of this color."

In a pub, also in Dublin, an Irish fellow gave me this one, which isn't bad, either: "With a name like Graeme," he said — referring to a fellow from Northern Ireland — "he's surely a bigot."

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* I lived with a couple of Spanish fellows for a while in Kilkenny Ireland. They would wake up yelling, and would yell to each other within the same room.

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