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Biological evolution is a good theory.

Mind and matter

Which came first?

Or do they only and always coexist?...

The principle of the evolution of biological organisms by chance and selection is theoretical — but that does not mean that it's under any credible suspicion.

The basic premise is one of the most powerful theories in all of science — and one of the most quantified.

All of life on Earth is related, evolved from a single simple ancestor. That statement may be wrong in some unknown detail — but it's true, in modern theory.

That is the best that science can do. The fact that theories change does not show that they are less true than doctrine or ideology — and in fact it shows that they are more amenable to the absorption of new information.

There is no simpler* explanation for the diversity of life on Earth than that of the theory of biological evolution.

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*There are explanations that fail to incorporate important data, but these are not simple — just incomplete.

The idea that God created all biology within a brief period does not even qualify as a theory — for example.

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