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Nijmegen in WWII

Rumors that US bombing of eastern Netherlands in WWII was intentional

For years after World War II, rumor persisted that the Americans had bombed Nijmegen intentionally.

Such talk probably began about the time that Nazi-German propaganda said that it was true; but there may have been other factors. Allied soldiers prevented a Nazi conquest, and and questions may have been impolitic, discussion limited.

It was not until 1984 that anybody produced an academic study. In that year, the amateur historian Alfons Brinkhuis published "De Fatale Aanval," which remains the point of reference on the American destruction of Nijmegen, Deventer, Enschede, and Arnhem.

Brinkhuis determined that the Allied bombardment on 22 February 1944 was indeed accidental. A study by the Dutch Institute for War Documentation affirmed Brinkhuis' conclusion in the year 2005 — and assessed his book as the definitive history of the events.

It was in reference to Brinkhuis' work that the institute recommended no more money be spent on research into the matter.