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Cultural comparison

A few generalizations, probably mostly untrue

The bilingual are nearly useless until one can speak their language with competence.

• Men do not know how to clean house. I'd be mortified if somebody cleaned for me on a regular basis without some kind of special agreement. Men seem to either 1) not notice, 2) not care, or 3) think that this common decency is unmanly. The only difference between living with a male housemate and living with a child is that you can tell the child how to clean up a mess that he made himself.

German people care what you eat. I've lived with several Germans. They've all commented about my food while I'm eating or cooking. Europeans, generally, pay attention when someone's eating — but the Germans care, and have to talk about it.

Young Irish men slam doors. When asked about it, they'll be polite — but won't be able to stop.

Irish women have no peripheral vision. An Irish woman is unable to see people out of the sides of her eyes. If you'd like to pass where she stands, you'll just have to go around, or excuse yourself. And if she's about to bump into you because she does not see where you're going, you'll have to change course.