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I can't see my website from here

April 2006 —

Unexplainably, I discovered in late January 2008 that I could again see my website from the internet connection at home....

I am unable to view my website from this internet connection.

In fact, I am unable to view any website on the "geocities.com" domain.

This has been true for at least six months. Recently, I got a new perspective — albeit one that is not explanatory.

When I returned from the United States, the laptop crashed. I still do not know why this happened, nor why at a particular, unique, and critical time.

But — pertinent to the subject — I had to allow a re-install of the Windows XP operating system into the machine. This being inadequate, I had to allow the replacement of the hard-drive. During this process, I lost more data than I had planned on losing; but — (again, pertinent to the subject) — more importantly, the machine lost everything about its former identity. This is, as far as I know in my limited technical understanding, essentially a new computer. There should be nothing about it which is recognizable through a piece of wire.

I am still unable to view my website from this connection.

I have discovered no other domain (a "such-and-such-dot-com" before any slashes) which is wholy unviewable -- and I have discovered no exception to my inability to view Geocities pages on this connection.

Up at the shop, not a bother -- this computer views my pages. At a cybercafe, on another machine, no problem. I can see via stat-counters that my pages are on view.

I asked the fellow who worked on this computer whether it's possible that somebody is blocking me from looking at my work online. He said that it is.
— 23 April 2006