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It's a tie!

2000 election hanging in transition

United States —

It's 12 November, 2000, and America does not have a president-elect.

A recount is occuring in Florida, the results to be announced no sooner than 5:00 p.m. Tuesday the fourteenth.

Palm Springs County is the center of a controversy which seems to be that some citizens believe their votes were miscast. Due to the nature of some ballots, some voters say they were confused at the time of polling. Indeed, the ballots may have been illegal by Florida statute, in that they were confusing and were not made as the law stipulates.

George W. Bush is calling for a halt to the hand-counting. "It would be good for this country to have this election over so that the new administration can do the people's business," said Bush. He refered questions to Republican election observer and former Secretary of State James Baker.

Apparently Bush is anxious to get on with ending all this partisan bickering.

There are also mail-in ballots which are not counted. These have until the seventeenth to arrive, and then to be counted, provided they were postmarked by the seventh.

George W. Bush has not commented as to whether he would like these votes to matter. Presumably, he would.

In any case, it's a terrible mess. My country doesn't have a president-elect. It's unnerving in a way that I would never have forseen.

It's terrible. It's aggitating and it's definitely unnerving. But let them count well. Let every vote be counted.

It may soon be a good time to reconsider the purpose of the electoral college But not quite yet. For now, we have votes that were cast under particular laws, and they need to be counted and compared, just the way we said we would do it.

This is just the two cents of a de facto expatriate who did not take the time and effort to ensure I could vote overseas.

Boy, do I feel crappy about that.

"No American will ever seriously be able to say again, 'my vote doesn't count.'" —President Clinton.
—12 November 2000, Amsterdam