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Pay people to not work

I hate work

I hate work.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.
My worth is greater than the market value of the work that I can do.

I hate work.

I hate work, and to the republic for which it stands.
My 'tis thee 'tis of thee,

I hate work — and I mention it again in case you missed the point.

I hate work.

Productivity anyway is apparently destroying the fragile ecosphere of Earth.

I hate work,
even though I love the feeling of a job well done,
  and the way that it feels when somebody shows a little appreciation.

I hate work.

Nijmegen, the Netherlands, 2004

[Re-punctuated October 2006, re-formatted December 2014*

  *and two commas removed that I'd probably stuck in there in '06.

    ...plus another comma removed in March of 2015.]

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