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Why not impeach Bush?

(And Cheney, of course)

March 2004 —

Why not impeach Bush?

Bill Clinton (sort of) had sex in the oval office with a woman not his wife. We impeached him.

George W. Bush took America to war on false pretense. It is obvious, not historically, but now—while the war is still on. It's clear now that Bush and his people ordered criminal acts (murder is still considered a crime in America.) It is obvious that they did this for their own gratification and private intentions.

It will not be necessary to file charges at this time concerning the domestic policies that will be seen as criminal in the future. We're not that civilized.

But we're civilized enough to impeach a president for committing a nation to an unjust war.

We don't need yet to assess the shame due this administration for its failed effort to find Osama bin Laden. Future generations can debate whether the term "effort" in this case is too strong a word.

But we can impeach Bush.

—16 March 2004 Kilkenny, Ireland