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In Zwolle, Nederland

A.D. 2004, the Netherlands

On Monday I was in Zwolle, sitting by a canal, when Arend (my employer) called me from Nijmegen. He'd gotten a letter from CWI. [Centrum voor Werk en Inkommen; the Dutch government's employment agency.]

Does it seem okay? No, it doesn't seem completely okay.

Yesterday [Tuesday] when I went to see him, he felt even worse about it.

Today, we met here just after 1:00 and typed a response letter. Tomorrow, I'm going to send this letter, along with 4 "bijlages," or addenda, to CWI.

The bijlages are a copy of the ad on CWI website, a copy of the ad on the "Eures" CWI-affiliated European-wide website, the actual sections of three newspapers where an ad appeared, and a copy of the CWI document that states the agency had requested only the billing for the newspaper ads.

A response is due within ten days of the issuance of their letter, on August 5. It's the 11th. I don't know whether they meant ten working days.

I returned to Kilkenny Ireland in January of 2005. Kim arrived a while later and lived in nearby Thomastown for a while.