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The United States' invasion of Iraq

Osama bin Laden to Saddam Hussein

• Gingrich is back on TV, smiling... and Billy Graham, always bad to see... — September 2001

• It's amazing how much goodwill can be squandered in one year.... — September, 2002

Human rights, old-fashioned... — December, 2002

Money, a poem about killing... — February 2003

• Improved reporting of Patriot missile statistics... — 24 March, 2003

• United States troops in Baghdad kill three journalists in one day... — 09 April, 2003

• Post-invasion, United States troops are looking for weapons of mass destruction....

• Opposition candidate speaks.... Dissent, or weak praise? — 19 May, 2003

"Thank goodness you are not in charge. Tyrants like Saddam would still be murdering his own people."

— From my guestbook, October 2004.

• Thugs and police: Bad men need each other..... — 24 May, 2003

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• Hey. That's not bin Laden.... — 22 December, 2003

The American left is ineffective against Bible-loving patriots.... — December 2004

Anti-war sentiment comes into fashion... — November 2005

A criminal war...

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