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Some Irish history

• Dame Alice le Kyteler of Kilkenny was tried on charges of witchcraft and convicted, A.D. 1324....

• Has Ireland converted to the metric system? — Spring 2002

Irish pub, Korean football time — World Cup, 2002

Corporal punishment in schools outlawed, February 1982...

• What's the difference between Charles Haughey and an Aran jumper?

• The Irish Catholic church is in deep shit. — Summer 2002

Bishop Eamon Casey, father of Irish Catholic scandal — May 1992

• Many "settled" Irish don't believe that the nomadic Irish Travellers have a respectable heritage....

• The Kilkenny round tower, remnant of Gaelic monastery predating the city...

Rule 21 — a sporting regulation of historic importance... — November 2001

Kabul, Ardoyne, Queens — November 2001