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Irish kids undisciplined and unaborted

Irish kids are amongst the most obnoxious anywhere — not bad, just annoying.

This probably evolved mostly in the convergence of two historical influences — unwanted births and lack of discipline.

Both of these effects probably derive from the long rule of the Irish Catholic church — the former from its teachings, the latter from its loss of power.

• The Catholic church is famously opposed to any form of contraception, and vehement against abortion of a f[o]etus at any time.

• The parents of today's teens were battered and abused. A beating at school was normal.

And now in the 21st century there are unwanted kids, unlikely to have learned from their parents what is acceptable and what is not. Discipline is a beating, to the parents. They're not going to do that to their children.

It's just a theory. I only lived in Ireland for donkey's years....

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N.B.: This page and others invective against Irish youth are the result of hateful treatment from teenage lads in Kilkenny.

I knew a few Irish kids who are some of the most polite and respectful people I've met anywhere.