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8 City Wall

The Irish slumlord

Bedwetting landlord of 8 City Wall

Kilkenny, Ireland, 2009 —

John took over duties when his mother was no longer able.

In the spring of 2007, I'd found that somebody had entered my bedroom while I was away, and Eileen said that she had gone in to retrieve the curtains as we had agreed. But we hadn't. I tried to talk to her but it was a waste of time and so I wrote her a letter.

John told me that I had put his mother in the hospital. That was in our first conversation, so our acquaintance was unfriendly from the beginning.

In the Winter of 2008 a housemate left and I was unable to find a third individual to move into the house. I had inherited from a previous housemate the responsibility of keeping the apartment occupied. I had fulfilled this obligation according to contract for a couple of years.

But, a while before, and on the advice of the Citizen's Information Board, I had refused to re-sign the lease. This refusal absolved me of any duty but the payment of my rent. (They'd told me that there are enough protections against rent increase that there was no advantage for me in signing, and pointed out that doing so would obligate me to a duty that should not be mine.)

John immediately began threatening me with eviction, there in the Summer of 2007. He continued to do so for two years....

He threatened to contact my parents, after he'd found that I left....

I sent him a message to the contact box of the website where he worked, anonymously of course, but so he'd know it was me — nothing overtly threatening; just a reasonable cautionary notice to let him know that if he messed with my parents I'd have to figure out what I was going to do.

John eventually evicted me and my housemate, and it was probably fortunate that I was in Romania when he did. (A Romanian friend, the one who was at the last minute unable to go with me, shifted all of my stuff next door, where my ersthwhile housemate moved upon our eviction.)

Eamonn said he woke up to find John downstairs having a cup of tea. Totally illegal, but sure what can you do?