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"War is war"

October 2007 —

This page edited for clarity in May of 2010. The dated facts are a matter of record.

Genocide is the intentional killing of people for their identity.

But killing people accidentally while invading their country... apparently that's just war.

The United States has entered a problematic realm of diplomacy with Turkey, declaring that the murder of 1.5 million Armenians in 1915 was an act of genocide. Turkey is naturally offended, diplomatically speaking, at a time when Turkey wants to enter northern Iraq in pursuit of Kurds, against the wishes of the United States government.

But — speaking of Iraq — American forces and their allies have killed civilians there on a massive scale. 600 thousand? The numbers are hard to find. The Americans are making no effort at keeping a count.

Americans are not stating that they are killing people for being Iraqi.

There was no good reason for the Americans to invade the country.

What do you call that?