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Alice Kyteler,
convicted witch

On returning to Kyteler's Inn

And getting kicked out

Kilkenny Ireland, March 2005 —

I went to Kyteler's last night, because some friends contacted me from there. I found them down in the courtyard, the smoking area.* I went back in and up to the bar to order myself a drink, and since it would be a Guinness, I had to wait for the double pour. I was rolling a cigarette.

A trim plain-looking fella came and stood before me behind the bar, looking managerly.

I got ejected from Kyteler's, again in April 2007....

I asked him "Am I making you nervous with this cigarette?"

He asked me "do I know you?"

I asked "are you Richie?" He said yes.

I told him "I used to work here."

"What did you do here?" he asked, but I didn't answer. He asked me to leave.

He said he didn't want to make a scene. I sat there, looking in his eyes and wondering whether or not I did want to make a scene. No, I decided; I did not.

I wheeled around on the bar stool and went downstairs to tell my buddies what was happening with me — that I was leaving.

— 20 March 2005

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*You can't smoke indoors in the workplace in Ireland, since 29 March 2004. People work in pubs; so smoking is prohibited.

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