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No Spanish-language newspapers in Bend Oregon... — summer 2011

At the "nonstop" in smalltown Romania... — July 2009

• The bilingual, nearly useless... — October 2008

• When we are listening to conversation in your language and you can speak English, please do not ask me (in English) "do you understand this?" ...

English for the Dutch

English for Romanians...

Cursing in Ireland

Cursing in Holland

• "Tá mé ar meisce"

[To be] after, the unique Irish-English past tense. — April 2005

"Sorry" vs. "excuse me" in European and American English. — February 2005

"De" and "het," two Dutch words for "the." — September 2004

Not-listening, a socially-defensive habit....

• How should the non-Irish say "Thurles?" — Spring 2004

Alstublieft, a good Dutch word — March 2004

Y'all; English plural "you" — January 2004

Not-listening — July 2004

Every language is difficult to learn — July 2004

• Dutch is notoriously difficult to learn. — Spring 2004

Waterstof Revolutie; watching a Dutch science documentary on TV — Spring 2004

Eet smakelijk, bon apetit, etc. — January 2004 Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Learning words — August 2003 Nijmegen

Too thick — Spring 2003, Kilkenny Ireland

Shirts or shorts — June 2002, Kilkenny Ireland

• "Tirty-tree and a tird" — May 2002, Kilkenny

• "What's the craic?" — Republic of Ireland

Learning Spanish — Summer 2001 Seville

Bombonas — Spring 2001, Seville Spain

Estoy pobre (I'm poor.) — Seville, Spring 2001

Dime de que presumes... (Tell me what you presume....) — Seville, Spring 2001

• English is "Simplified French" according to one Dutch person — November 2000, Amsterdam The Netherlands

• I tried to learn Dutch when I lived in Amsterdam — Summer 2001

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