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The Legend of God

I had an intuition, outside pissing and looking up into the night sky:

All stars have planets.*

Planets are the normal occurence, accreting in the disk that forms the star itself.
On the 6th of August 1945, an explosive charge
the size of a coin* destroyed the city of Hiroshima.
In the middle of the following night, I awoke to this:

The complexity of the Universe may be infinite — a possibility which is impossible (and yet may be.)


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*I don't know if this even an acceptable hypothesis. I am no more a cosmologist than I am a theologian.

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* This is not true. The enriched-uranium charge weighed about 140 pounds, of which about 1.38% fissioned. About two pounds. With the specific gravity of uranium, the size of the charge that obliterated Hiroshima was equivalent to a double handful of coin.

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