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"Fuck off," says Liam

This page is relevant to the page "Liamo speaks."

"Right Steve. this "friendship" is over. i know you don't remember your original attack on me you alcoholic fuck but i remember it very clearly, i let it slide @da time but was determined to pull you up on it once we were alone, you're a weak fuck attacking people just cos you're all pissed off .. poor spoilt cunt. fuck you. ONCE AGAIN u owe me money, forget that, i took the remote I paid for cos i'll never see that cash again so use it to buy one, you see me on the street ignore me, don't even try 2 speak 2 me again.. EVER. I'm sick 2 death of your whining & always spottin u cash, no more. I'll be a lot better off for not knowing you. and there will be no way back, we are done for good. I don't work like most people, to me it's final. So fuck off"

— "Liamo," on my Facebook wall, Saturday, April 25, 2009

I have an email from Apple entitled "Thanks for registering your iMac," dated 7 April 2009. That had to be the evening that I unboxed it in Liam's presence.

  • In 2015, Liam is the only Irish person with whom I remain in regular contact.