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Liamo speaks

Writes a criticism; the next day, we meet

After a year-and-a-half without contact — we fell out in April of 2009 — I received a disparaging comment in my website's guestbook from a guy named Liam in Kilkenny Ireland.

Liam didn't know that I had returned to Kilkenny a few weeks earlier, after a year in Cork.

My housemate and our mutual acquaintance M_, that same day in September 2010, invited Liam to our house-warming barbeque the next evening. M_ did not know of the note that Liam had written.

The next evening, Liam showed up. He apologized to me.

Late at night, when there was a space on the couch, I went and sat on the other end of it from Liam. He said, after we chatted casually for a while, "we may as well talk about it." Our memories of the events of the spring of 2009 didn't exactly coincide — but we decided to let the past be in the past.