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Liamo speaks

"Hey Eejit .. how dare you speak about irish people in such a way, as an insider i can tell you nobody really cares what part of the empire you come from, they are just making conversation but as usual you have to over cook it....

— Liamo 18 September 2010

"Liamo" is a guy named Liam, who lives in Kilkenny. He wrote this comment in my "guestbook" in reference to the page "What part of America are you from."

Liam didn't know that I'd returned from Cork, and was living in Kilkenny.

While not the most brilliant piece I've ever written, the page is innocuous at worst, a simple commentary upon a characteristic of the Irish people. The thesis of the page is a generalization, yes — but one that I meant in a sympathetic way.

He searched for me by name. He spent 43 minutes looking at 9 pages. He took the time to write, critiquing my work. That's readership.

My primary [goal] : writing pages that people will read.

While true Liamo's primary intent might have been vindictive, he still spent 3/4 of an hour looking at my work.

While not a long visit, that's longer than average.

I didn't know why he would bother to spend 43 minutes reading 9 of my pages. I didn't know why he would search Google using the terms "steve edwards ireland." ... (I checked my stat-counter as soon as I saw that he'd left that message, and found only one visitor from Kilkenny from that day.)

Liam had personal reasons for disparaging my work. The last we'd spoken was in the spring of 2009, when he departed my house late one evening. Why he decided to critique my writing a year-and-a-half after he was never going to speak to me again, I don't know.

Liam had been vitriolic about falling out with me. He claimed that his criticism of me that night, which I was unable to comprehend, was based upon an argument we'd had three years prior — which I was unable to remember. I remember sitting there looking at him, trying to figure out what he was trying to say — and I remember him rubbing his chin in a mockery of my demeanor.

He'd left my apartment angry, leaving me sitting and wondering.

The supposed critical factor in this dispute was my "attack" upon Liam, three years earlier. That's an oddly long period of time to wait before a rebuttal — but that's what Liam claimed, both verbally and via Facebook message.

The same day that I found Liam's comment, a housemate told me he'd invited Liam to our "house-warming" barbeque that evening.

Liam came over. He apologized to me when I greeted him. I told him that's okay.

We have differing memories of the argument in April 2009.