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Liberation from the Holy Bible

Most of what I find online about my childhood religion is not interesting. Arguments about the real Jesus and stories in the Bible... it's not amusing and it's not enlightening.

I was raised believing that "The Truth" was the truth — the one true religion. Recovering from that, I don't need another belief. I'm definitely not looking for the real Holy Bible. I can't say that I don't care about the Bible — but my interest is intellectual and, to be honest, pretty casual. (Casual, until I think more about the damage and danger of Christianity .... Horrible. And my country.... It seems worse the more I think of it.])

Bible stories are not interesting to me. They no longer have power over me. It's been a long time since I've read any of them, and it will be a while before I read any of them again. They are not relevant to my life.

There are only two ways in which The Bible and Jesus are relevant to my life. These are that the teaching was driven into my brain; and that so many people are believers. The Bible, occasionally beautiful, is not true. That was supposed to be its main value. With that gone, The poetry can't make up for the lack.

It can't be the Word of God if it's not all true. Simple. And if it's not the Word of God, what authority has it over me? I'm free of the shackles—I don't need to carry the chains.

After the One True Church, I wouldn't look for another. And where do you go? No; It's gone—I'm free. It took a few years, but it's over. Done and dusted.

It doesn't make sense to look to the Bible for anwers, seeing that it too has flaws. It was The Word of God, wholly true and comprehensive. Now it's not.

My point is not that I am a non-believer. It's just that the choice between believer and non-believer is no longer necessary for me. And that's the liberation; that's the truth that sets me free.

  — Adapted from a page splattered in January 2004, Nijmegen, The Netherlands